What Is Fleet Management? | The Complete Guide

Fleet management is the backbone of the growing fleet & telematics market. It’s used to boost driver & vehicle productivity and increase safety and compliance.

AT&T Designs the Future with the Edge, Utilizing the 5G Network

Future Internet
AT&T Designs the Future with AT&T Foundry reshapes the internet by bringing the power of cloud computing into the 5G Edge.
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Wind EON TV : Ντεμπούτο, τα διαθέσιμα πακέτα, 3 μήνες δωρεάν σταθερό, internet και τηλεόραση

Wind EON TV : Ντεμπούτο, τα διαθέσιμα πακέτα, 3 μήνες δωρεάν σταθερό, internet και τηλεόραση

SpaceX’s Starlink license pulled in France • The Register

Service ‘likely to have a significant impact on market for provision of broadband internet access’…

Amazon and Google among backers of new INSAIT institute • The Register

Goal to prevent brain drain of talented computer scientists from region…

A new Eastern Europe-based research institute aimed at advancing artificial intelligence (AI) and computing is trying to stem the flood of talented computer scientists exiting the region for the West.

INSAIT, or the Institute for Artificial Intelligence and Technology, is being established in the Bulgarian capital Sofia with the aim of creating an institution to match those in Western Europe and elsewhere.

The facility is an initiative from the Bulgarian government, created in partnership with two Swiss research universities, ETH Zurich and EPFL.

It is backed by a 10-year initial endowment of $100 million from the government, with the long-term goal of bridging the scientific innovation gap between Eastern and Western Europe and establishing the region as a leading centre for computing research.

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Apple to bin apps that go three years without updates • The Register

Developers will be given 90 days to get them up to code, or face banishment…

Apple has warned developers it will remove their products from its App Stores if they’ve not been updated for three years.

A policy update issued last Friday explained apps that “fail to meet a minimal download threshold – meaning the app has not been downloaded at all or extremely few times during a rolling 12 month period” will also be at risk of deletion from the App Store. The policy applies to iOS, iPadOS and macOS.

Apple’s justification for the stance is that refreshed apps “work for the vast majority of users and support our latest innovations in security and privacy”. The company’s announcement proudly states that Apple’s attention to such matters has seen it remove 2.8 million apps from its digital storefronts over the last six years.

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20 of the Best Marketing Tips, According to HubSpot Blog Data and Experts

If you’re looking for your next campaign inspiration or interested in a brief history of marketing, take a look at some tips from the greatest marketers of all time.

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