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It would be best if you take careful and accurate decisions. Right? But there is loads of data to consider and analyse, and it doesn’t seem to make sense. So, our platform provides on one page easily accessible only the essential information required to understand what’s going on. The curious tone business data platform helps you better understand and analyse the necessary data needed to design your strategy with remarkable precision.

We have built our solution combining simple applications innovatively to bring more value to your business. As a result, we have drastically decreased development time and focused on solving your business problems.



Access all your valuable business data on one page as often as you want. Look at the insights like leads queries, opportunities, and more.



We provide pre-defined and new data collection points based on your business setup. We collect data using all your communication media like forms, web chat, virtual responders, and data sources such as Hosting server, Google Analytics, Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Heatmaps and CRM.



Our system provides security, consistency and reliability. The business data by curious tone is designed to be an affordable, flexible and scalable solution to breathe in line with your market.

business data by curioustone

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