Marketing Dashboard

Curioustone AI-powered marketing application provides Marketers, Brand Managers and Communication Designers with advanced tools to analyse businesses and audiences, research the market, and create content effortlessly. With our AI marketing tools, market experts can gain a competitive edge, boost brand visibility, and drive business growth.


About Industry, Trends, Partnerships, Product Customisation, Porter’s Five Forces, Brand Positioning

About Industry

Provides info about a specific industry in a specific location.


Find the patterns and changes in a particular sector or industry that can affect its growth and development over time.


Market Size, Compare Media, Channels, Competitive Analysis, Product or Service Competitors, Marketing Strategy, SWOT Analysis, PESTLE Analysis, Display Media Plan,
Competitors Evaluation, Cross Selling, Media Plan

Market Size

Find the total number of potential buyers or customers for a particular product or service within a specific market segment and the potential revenue that can be generated based on that population size.

Compare Media Channels

Analyse and evaluate different marketing channels (such as social media, email, television, radio, etc.) to determine which ones are most effective for reaching a target audience and achieving marketing goals.


Customer Reviews, Customer Segmentation, Target Audience Needs, Audience Segments and Innovation, Persona – Target Audience, Audience Insights, Audience Insights for the Past, Psychographic Traits

Customer Reviews

Lets see some written reflections of a customer’s experience with a company’s products or services.


Keywords, Taglines, Product Name Ideas, Business Name Ideas,
Researching Advice, Blog Posts Ideas, Write something using Goals, Write Anything, Google Ads, Google Ads A/B Testing, Translation, Step-by-step Instructions, Advertisement Script, Social Media Captions, Financing Options, Small Business Legislation, Write an Email, Reply to an Email, Write a Profile to Attract Audience